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The Western Washington Weimaraner Club has an active and successful Rescue Program. We work with the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue in locating Weimaraners in need of adoption or rescue and then place them in loving and caring homes.�

Weimaraners in need of adoptive homes can be any age--untrained puppies, young juveniles, or mature, older dogs. The dogs that come through our program have a temperament evaluation before being placed in a new home.

Prospective homes are carefully screened through an application process and home visit. We are looking for permanence and stability in the new home. It is unfair to the dog to adjust to multiple home situations. We place the dog's needs first in selecting adoptive homes.

We will accept a Weimaraner for adoption for whatever reason they are given up. We try to get as much information about their previous life as possible in order to allow for a smoother transition. Please contact us if you know of a Weimaraner in need of adoption.

If you are interested in adopting a Weimaraner or releasing a Weimaraner for us to place, please contact our club directly by contacting Gary Peterson (phone 425-334-1595). Or visit the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. The appropriate forms are available there for download. The information on our Breeder Referral page about life with a Weimaraner is particularly helpful if you are wanting to bring a new member into your family.

The Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue works in the Puget Sound area. Our club expands that area to all of western Washington and to neighboring areas if circumstances warrant. If you live outside the area you also might want to check out the national rescue network on the web.

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